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Site News

3/17/06 - A Coralberry Stitch in the news - We're proud to have helped out Community of Hope Church and the Maricopa New Life Pregnancy Center by donating some quilt kits for the effort. Read about it at this link.

12/12/04 - We are doing major work on the website to beautify and add content. Hopefully it will all work smoothly. If you spot any problems or issues, e-mail us at coral@acoralberrystitch.com

12/17/04 - We have a guestbook! Either follow the about/guestbook link, or go to (or click): http://www.acoralberrystitch.com/AGB. Who will be the first to sign?

3/31/05 - We're live with our revamped site and new quilt kit designs. We'll be having a sale on our out of date kits soon... Thanks for your patience in checking back.

5/21/05 - We are frame free! (At least our website is) If you spot any typos or inconsistencies, please e-mail us at coral@acoralberrystitch.com

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