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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a walking foot for machine quilting?

A walking foot is an additional foot for your sewing machine that evenly pulls the multiple layers of fabric from the top and bottom.  This is an important tool for quilting because it helps prevent the quilt top from bunching when sewing.

What is a quilting foot and what is it used for?

A quilting foot is an additional foot for your sewing machine that is made to allow you to feed the fabric into the machine from any direction.  This foot has a spring on its shaft to allow free motion of the fabric.  It is used when stippling (a type of machine quilting) or sewing in a random fashion.

Do you ship out of the United States?

Yes, but you will need to email us for international postal rate quotes at

Can I order more of a specific fabric?

Yes, email us with your specific requests including a color description of the fabric.  At a later time we will have our fabrics available in yardage and fat quarters.


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